bogdan lazar web designer

Web & Graphic Designer  •  Developer  •  Entrepreneur

“It's only impossible until it works”

After graduating from AUBG, I took on a job as an Art Director, then a Web Designer, before starting, an iPhone app review website. I sold the project, but remained on board with the current team as a reviewer and a graphic designer.

Since then, I've successfully launched, a free online tool that puts iPhone app developers in touch with app reviewers. The project is still in its infancy.

My time is split between helping out with designing an awesome iPhone app, Use Your Handwriting, and developing an amazing concept - - the first site of its kind to customize snowboards and skateboards.

I currently work freelance, as a graphic and web designer and developer of sorts. I have side projects that tend to eat more time than they should, but am always looking forward to sending them out into the wild in the hope they will benefit someone.

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