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Accessibility is easy

2 minutes read

It's easy to add alt text to an image. It's hard to write descriptive, meaningful alt text for every image on your website.

It's easy to run an automated accessibility checker. It's hard to address all the issues it flags, especially those requiring manual review.

It's easy to add ARIA labels. It's hard to use them properly without creating more accessibility problems.

It's easy to claim your site is "accessible." It's hard to continuously test with real users and assistive technologies.

It's easy to capture accessibility tickets. It's hard to prioritise them against other feature requests and bugs.

It's easy to include accessibility in your definition of done. It's hard to get every team member to actually verify it before marking tasks complete.

It's easy to write an accessibility policy. It's hard to enforce it consistently across all your digital products.

It's easy to conduct an accessibility audit. It's hard to allocate resources to fix all the issues uncovered.

It's easy to add accessibility to your QA checklist. It's hard to train QA testers to effectively test with screen readers and other assistive tech.

It's easy to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It's hard to maintain that level of attention and commitment every other day of the year.

It's easy to say you are or you're striving to be accessible. It's hard to actually do it. To sit down and create a plan, commit and stick to it.

Before you declare accessibility a priority, and commit to ongoing maintenance, make sure you have processes in place to make it an integral part of your workflow. It's hard, but it's what's important.

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