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Accessibility will slow us down

2 minutes read

One common objection I've heard from product owners and managers is that accessibility is hard and integrating it will significantly slow down development. So they put it in the "can be added later" category.

Let's be real! Everything slows down development! From the moment you start designing a template to when you jump into coding, you're going up against the clock. When you need to ship something yesterday, everything slows you down.

It's just easier to blame accessibility, if you see it as a feature, as something that can be tacked on later or fixed in the next release. Of course it will always be faster to not do some work. Just crank out features! Ship it, accessibility be damned!

Sure, integrating accessibility at every stage of the software development life cycle might initially feel like it's throwing a wrench into your process. You'll see it as a blocker, a time-consuming effort with no immediate rewards, especially for this specific feature you're building right now.

Accessibility - a rather huge gigantic topic - will just slow you down. Of course it'll be faster to finish one single ticket. But if you take a step back, zoom out and see your product as a whole, doing the work and putting it the time right now becomes more than justifiable.

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