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Either or

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In web design, people often have this misconception that accessibility and good design are at odds with each other. You might think that to make a website accessible, you have to sacrifice aesthetics. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Accessibility and good design go hand in hand to create a better user experience for everyone.

Accessibility = boring design

That's a myth if I ever heard one. The truth is, you've seen a couple of websites with plain text on neutral background and you thought that's what happens when you make a website accessible. Not every website needs to look that way.

Small tweaks in the colour can go a long way to being accessible and still be visually appealing.

Accessible design isn’t about removing all the bells and whistles. It’s about making sure everyone can access and enjoy them. When you prioritize accessibility, you’re acknowledging the diverse needs of your users and showing that you value their experience. And guess what? That’s good design in action.

Let's look at colour contrast, for example. Sufficient contrast between text and background isn’t just good for users with visual impairments - it’s good design practice for everyone. Eye-pleasing colour schemes can still be vibrant and eye-catching and meet accessibility standards at the same time.

Good design isn’t only about making things look pretty. It’s about making them functional too. Clear navigation and intuitive user interfaces benefit everyone, not just those with disabilities. You might think of them as accessibility features, but they aren't. They're just good design.

It's not either or when it comes to accessibility and good design.

They’re two sides of the same coin. Accessibility isn't a barrier to good design - it's the cornerstone of it.

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