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How do you strike the balance?

1 minute read

Striking the balance between making the easy thing right and making the right thing easy in web accessibility is a crucial discussion. Do you choose the path of least resistance or fight through the discomfort and take the path of inclusiveness?

The easy thing is copy pasting some code you found online. It might seem like the quick fix, but it often doesn't take into account the diverse needs of all your users.

The right thing is making your website universally accessible. It involves considering diverse user experiences, and making sure what you create will work for everyone, regardless of disabilities. It's about making accessibility a natural part of your development process. It's about considering accessibility the norm, rather than an afterthought.

If we can make these two be the same, we'll all be that much better off. The problem is, do you make the easy thing right or the right thing easy?

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