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If you wait long enough, it'll go away

2 minutes read

There's this notion that if you give it enough time, things tend to sort themselves out. It's like the universe has its own way of fixing bugs and issues, almost like a cosmic janitor sweeping up your mess. Sometimes, a bug that seems like a thorn in your side magically disappears after a few sprints.

I mean, sure, you need to be proactive in addressing critical issues, but for the smaller stuff, sometimes a bit of patience can save you from unnecessary stress and over-engineering.

You get into this natural ebb and flow. Bugs come and go, features get added, refined and removed, and through it all, your product matures.

So what if you have a bug in your backlog that's been sitting there for the past 251 days?! Give it a few more days and I'm sure it'll just disappear. If it's important, it'll just resurface.

Have some faith that if you wait long enough, things will indeed take care of themselves.

Accessibility isn't one of those things!

As much as you'd wish for it to take care of itself because you:

  • don't know enough about it
  • are scared to learn
  • don't think you have disabled users
  • dread the WCAG
  • can't work with a screen reader
  • don't think it matters

...accessibility issues don't magically disappear by themselves.

That 251-day old bug? It'll still be there 251 days from now. That's a total of...checks math...502 days people with disabilities weren't able to use your product.

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