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Pointing fingers won't fix a damn thing

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When it comes to web accessibility, pointing fingers won't fix a damn thing. It's easy to sit back, shake your head, and blame the system for being broken or inaccessible. Guess what? That system is made up of individuals, just like you and me. Yeah, we're part of the problem too.

As a designer, you might be tempted to throw your hands up and curse the developers for not giving a damn about accessibility. As a developer, you might want to shout at the designers for ever thinking their fancy designs could be translated into accessible code.

Have you ever stopped to think about your own role in this mess?

Here's the thing.

You cannot hold the system accountable without taking any individual responsibility yourself. You can't say accessibility is broken or difficult without looking inward and asking why.

Accessibility isn't just a problem for "them" to solve. Stop demanding change!

You better roll up your sleeves, get involved and create the change.

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