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The pressure you face

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When you're working on your product, you're likely to face a lot of pressure.

The business might push you to:

  • release faster and more often
  • have more features
  • have better features
  • have fewer customer complaints
  • have more customers
  • be more efficient
  • have continuous updates and improvements

Your customers will push you to be:

  • cheaper
  • simpler
  • easier to use
  • faster
  • more convenient
  • dependable
  • consistent
  • less buggy

But no one will demand of you to:

  • ignore users
  • disregard specific user needs from the outset
  • never involve individuals with disabilities in the process
  • not train your team on accessibility principles and best practices
  • not have dedicated support channels for users with disabilities

In short, no one will ask you to be less accessible.

So if there's one thing you can do today is to start working accessibility into your software development lifecycle.

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