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1 minute read

  • You'll stop using "click here" for every link.
  • You'll remember blind users exist.
  • You'll discover the magical world beyond font size 8pt.
  • You'll accept that "it looks pretty" isn't an accessibility feature.
  • You'll stop using grey text on slightly-less-grey backgrounds.
  • You'll learn that keyboard traps aren't a cool website feature.
  • You'll realise screen readers don't actually read minds.
  • You'll discover the revolutionary concept of headings.
  • You'll stop treating the WCAG like a foreign language.
  • You'll realise "it works on my machine" isn't an accessibility test.
  • You'll learn that "drag and drop" isn't a universal human skill.

You'll do all that tomorrow.

Tomorrow. That magical land where with minimal effort you'll make all your accessibility worries go away.

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