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Useful tactics

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I've got a packed schedule and a constant stream of tasks every day. So here are two tactics that have consistently paid off for me to get my work done.

1. Dispatch small bugs without ceremony

It's tempting for me to put off those seemingly minor accessibility bugs, especially when I'm knee-deep in other larger projects. I used to say to myself, I'll get to those later. Later never came, I forgot about them and they slipped through the cracks. Ooops!

So I switched my strategy to just getting them done. I set aside an hour or two, dive in, and check them off the list. Trust me, the relief of ticking off those boxes is worth the short-term investment.

2. Tackle the large tasks through planning

For the larger tasks that require more than a quick fix, I found that scheduling dedicated time is key. I block out a chunk of time in my work day and commit to making progress, even if I can't finish everything in one session. Breaking it down into manageable chunks not only makes it less daunting, but also ensures steady progress towards getting it done.

And a handy tip: Keep a log of what you've done and where you are. You will get interrupted and the log will make it that much easier to find your way to where you were when you want to come back.

Bonus Tip: Stay Ahead of the Game

Work is never-ending, but that doesn't mean you have to feel overwhelmed. Always know what the next thing is on your list. By planning ahead and incorporating it into my schedule, I eliminated the dreaded decision fatigue when I sat down to work.

I usually map out the next small bug fix or schedule time for a larger task. This keeps me focused and efficient.


Careful not to over-plan! While it's tempting to map out a detailed roadmap of every accessibility issue, it can backfire when it's time to dive into the work. Instead, stick to prioritizing just one next thing at a time. What you want is to eliminate wasted time on decision-making.

Tackle both small accessibility bugs and those larger tasks with intention and you'll streamline your workflow.

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