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You're missing this opportunity

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  1. a favorable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances

  2. a chance for progress or advancement

Who doesn't want things to go their way? Who doesn't want a chance to progress and advance?

There's not one person who would say no to that. And yet, we constantly miss opportunity because it looks like work. Chances are handed to us, but we need to put in the work to turn them into something.

You have a chance to expand your customer base with something like 30% by including people with disabilities. Most of your competitors are ignoring this opportunity and leaving money on the table.

You have a chance to be known as the business that's inclusive by identifying, anticipating and addressing the needs of people with disabilities. Your customers, your employees, your partners.

You have a chance to enhance the usability of your website and delight your existing customers by integrating accessibility into your work. Since accessibility is closely related to website usability, this is your chance to ship a more intuitive user experience as a by-product of accessibility.

You have the chance to minimise and avoid the risk of lawsuits. Your legal risk is increasing with the adoption of more specific laws and policies in countries around the world. In Europe, June 2025 is when the European Accessibility Act goes in effect. The legal landscape is shifting under your feet in favor of equal access and you have the chance to stand tall throughout this.

You have a chance to shift the focus from treating accessibility as a minimal legal compliance checkbox to a viable commercial opportunity.

But you have to put in the work.

People miss opportunities because it looks like work. And people hate doing the work.

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