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You have to be willing to be incompetent

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  • Reading the WCAG puts you to sleep because it feels highly technical
  • You're confused by the list of cryptic accessibility issues coming your way
  • You don't know the accessibility jargon, like ARIA, ATAG, ICT
  • You're intimidated by all the laws and don't even know which ones apply to you
  • You've seen a VPAT and immediately wanted to run away
  • You think you're too incompetent to shift left


Admitting it is the first step towards learning. It's overwhelming and complex, especially when you're just starting out. But forget the jargon, the technical details, the laws and what experts tell you. Accessibility is about you and how you create experiences that work for everyone, regardless of their disabilities.

Feeling incompetent is ok! It means you're on your way to getting better.

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