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Your biggest decision

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You make hundreds of small decisions every day, most of them barely noticeable. Then there are the ones that keep you awake at night. These are the big choices you must make every day. Most of these decisions will likely affect more people on your team than just yourself. And they will certainly have big downstream effects for your customers.

And when it comes to your disabled customers, the effects are ten-fold. Sometimes, it's make or break.

For accessibility especially, the biggest decision you're likely to make is what to focus your efforts on.

You can focus on checking the boxes to be compliant, or you can focus on what the boxes actually mean and how they impact your customers.

You can focus on what other people tell you your website needs, or you can focus on what your customers actually need.

Most importantly, you can focus on making plans, or you can focus on doing the work.

And if you hold off on doing the work until the perfect, complete master plan is in place, doing the work may never happen.

You can choose to pay an outside agency to do the plan in the form of an audit. But by the time they're done, it will already be out of date. An audit is the status of your website at one point in time. It's unlikely you'll halt all development and wait for the audit to be finished and then for remediation to take place.

None of these efforts will actually address the needs of your website's disabled customers.

The biggest decision you'll make today is what to focus on. My money is on doing the work.

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