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Open source

The open source community has given me so much and I do my best to contribute back. My focus is on Javascript, CSS and design. The following are the most current projects I am working on. For a complete list, check out my Github profile.


Frontwerk is a zero configuration toolset aimed at helping frontend developers. It abstracts a set of underlying tools commonly used for testing, linting, formatting and bundling code, along with their configurations in order to improve both the developer experience and the time it takes to get started and maintain a Javascript project.

Edge Theme

As a designer and a developer, I am very much in love with my development environment. I am also very keen on it looking its best. For this purpose, I have created a set of beautiful themes for code editors and the terminal. Currently, I support Sublime Text 3, Vim, as well as iTerm2, with Atom and VSCode in the works.