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Make your case for an accessibility subscription

Getting support for accessibility efforts isn't easy. There are a lot of wrong assumptions that make accessibility look like this complex, expensive and time-consuming black box that only a few people can understand. Maybe your boss thinks people with disabilities don't use your product, or that accessibility is only about screen readers, or that it's a nice-to-have but not a priority.

But you know better!

You know that your customers with disabilities can't fill in a form to buy your products. You've seen the 100+ page audit report that you can't make heads or tails out of. Every week you're going through the backlog and you're fed up with seeing the same tickets that mention WCAG compliance.

So you want to do something about it, but need to make the business case and convince the powers that be accessibility is worth investing in.

No worries, I got you!

I've put together a short and sweet email that you can copy paste and send to your boss to make your case. Choose how long the email should be and have it generated on the fly!

Dear Boss,

We're constantly shipping high quality features to our product on time and on budget, but we're missing a crucial aspect of our current operations that demands our attention: accessibility.

Currently, we're sailing on a sea of inaccessible code, and it's more than just a hiccup. It's a potential revenue leak and a legal quagmire waiting to happen.

The team wants to do the right thing here, but we lack the necessary training in accessibility, and external hires or freelancers are not viable options at the moment. We're aware that addressing accessibility issues requires expertise. That's where I propose we consider engaging an outside expert - an accessibility consultant.

I want an accessibility expert responsible for achieving results, rather than performing a list of tasks. Without long-term contracts to sign and no penalty clauses for cancellation, where we get friction-less access to them and a guaranteed reponse and turnaround time.

I think I found just the guy from the looks of it. He ticks all the boxes and it would be great if we could pull the trigger on this before he gets his client roster full. He only works with five clients - that's how he can guarantee us his absolute attention.

Let's schedule a meeting to explore this further and finally start putting our accessibility worries to bed. When are you available for a short call?



Use this as you see fit and make any changes you want to it. It's free! All I ask is you let me know if it worked!

And if it didn't, why? What could I change to make it a sure thing? Email me with your suggested changes - I'd love to hear from you at!