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Ship accessible websites. Faster.

I help product owners ship accessible websites without blocking ongoing work.

Without long-term contracts, proposals or payroll expenses, for a fixed monthly price.
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Sadly, your website isn't accessible to all.

Your product team is drowning in a sea of dev tasks, tickets, hot fixes and pull requests. Suddenly, the business is concerned about accessibility compliance and you're expected to "get it done."

Despite your considerable efforts, customers are still struggling to complete critical tasks on your website. You're already behind on your roadmap and accessibility was so far an afterthought at best. Your team has been fixing accessibility issues as they saw them, only to have them resurface in a next release, like a stupid game of whack-a-mole.

Now your backlog is full of accessibility issues and your product roadmap is in danger of getting derailed. You can't afford any downtime and accessibility is just a blocker to the ongoing dev work.

As a result:

  • Customers with disabilities can't use your website.
  • Your service desk is stuffed with customers complaints.
  • You're not sure where to start fixing your accessibility issues.
  • Any new features you ship are bound to spawn new customer complaints.
  • Your team spends too much time debugging accessibility issues in production.

It's a never-ending cycle! Product owners often struggle with shipping projects that continue to produce accessibility barriers no matter how much time and money they sink into remediation.

If you are:

  • leading a team that's not trained to deal with accessibility,
  • struggling because the WCAG feels highly technical and reads like a legal document,
  • under pressure and always go into defensive mode when it comes to accessibility,
  • confused by the list of cryptic accessibility issues in your backlog,
  • struggling to find the time to do everything and can't see how to fit accessibility in,
  • confused by all this WCAG EN301549 VPAT ACR Level AA nonsense,
  • frustrated that you haven't "shifted left" yet, whatever that means, and
  • starring down the barrel of a gun every time you release new features,

...we should talk. I solve all this and more through a monthly accessibility subscription, where we tackle remediation in focused efforts while avoiding introducing new accessibility issues.

Hey, I'm Bogdan! I'm the accessibility consultant who helps product owners ship accessible websites without blocking ongoing work.

Unlike my competitors, I take responsibility for ensuring what you create complies with accessibility standards and allows your customers with disabilities to achieve their goals.

Bogdan's work has always been outstanding and we will continue to use him for years to come.

Chris LukeProduct Manager at Metal Sawing Technology Inc.

We are positioned for significant growth because of Bogdan's expertise and focus.

Eric MeyersPrincipal at Sustainable Advisors, Inc.

He is endlessly patient when it comes to making changes and returns emails immediately.

Anna DavidCEO at AfterPartyMagazine

Here's how I can help you ship an accessible website

You've probably worked with freelancers before. They tend to draw you in with a low hourly rate, and then you're stuck in an endless loop of debating scope, exchanging proposals, signing contracts and getting constant push-back when your priorities change.

I hate that. So I got rid of all of it and replaced it with a monthly subscription where you get friction-less access to me, without worrying about the clock, proposals or invoices. Unlike other subscriptions, I won't treat you as one of many, I do all the work myself and I won't limit your "requests."

When it comes to the work, most believe you must scramble to address every accessibility issue at once. I don't think this way of working is sustainable. Instead, I focus on high-priority tickets like fixing key user flows and critical website components.

At the same time, where most will start with an accessibility audit of your website that might take anywhere from 2 to 4 months, I will cut to the chase and provide value from day one. After all, are you looking to spend your money on a laundry list of accessibility problems or on an accessible website?

Imagine you didn't have to worry about:

  • critical accessibility issues in production,
  • cryptic issues in your backlog,
  • how long it takes your team to fix the accessibility issues in it,
  • new accessibility issues a release introduces,
  • costly redesigns and rework, or
  • what all the fancy acronyms mean.

All this, and then some, is included in my accessibility subscription. Find out more and get started now!

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Here's how it works:

  1. We talk face to face

    We start out with a kick-off call where you can freely vent and I get to ask some questions about your product and your team. We'll discuss the main struggles you're facing with accessibility and what you've tried so far to address them.

    We start out with this short conversation to see if we're a good fit. If we're going to both be pulling in the same direction, we should first make sure we're on the same page. If we both think we should kick this into gear, we'll agree on a plan that suits your current needs.

  2. We set up the kick-off workshop

    I'll setup a custom workshop and run it together with your team. The aim is to come up with a list of all the pages and components that are part of your key user flows. This will help me get to know how your team works and what the current state of accessibility in your team and product is.

  3. We work asynchronously

    Most of the work will happen async from this point on. In Slack, you can ask me any questions, raise concerns, or get actionable advice. I'm available to answer it usually in the same day.

For a weekly breakdown of results and KPIs, read more about what to expect when you subscribe.

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