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Effective Accessibility Checklists for Agile Teams

In less than 1 hour, I'll show you how to check your work for major accessibility issues without feeling intimidated by confusing terms.

These free checklists are the answer for product owners, designers, developers and testers who want a more accessible outcome by weaving accessibility into the software development lifecycle.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You want to do the right thing, but the WCAG reads like a legal document
  • You waste time figuring out which accessibility guideline to work with
  • You're sick of googling trying to figure out what those confusing terms mean
  • You wish you just had a human-readable list that you can check your work against

Don't worry! You're not alone! Teams usually struggle with interpreting the WCAG and then just give up when it doesn't even apply to what they're working on then.

I get it. We're always under pressure and feel like we have to make everything accessible all at once. I'm here to tell you that we don't. The focus in the beginning is simply to make the first step possible.

This is your first step.

I've developed these accessibility checklists to compliment the guidelines and to ensure you'll consider accessibility at every stage of the SDLC. Each checklist will nudge you towards a more accessible outcome by weaving accessibility into your process.

Product owners, designers, developers and QA testers can reference these checklists throughout the software development lifecycle to ship an accessible product by reducing the number of accessibility problems teams carry forward into each stage of the process.

You can use them as an outline of what to cover and what to pay attention to. You can simply read through the checklists to refresh your knowledge and understanding, or you may use them as a way to run through your work and check off the points as you go along.

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  • Product Owner's Accessibility Checklist
  • Designer's Accessibility Checklist
  • Developer's Accessibility Checklist
  • QA Tester's Accessibility Checklist

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Who wrote these?

Hey! I'm Bogdan. I help product owners ship accessible websites without blocking ongoing work.

I have a background in UX design and front-end development and over ten years of experience working in the education and healthcare sectors, with expertise in inclusive design, technology and accessibility on the web.

Bogdan speaking at a workshop

I'm a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC(Opens external link in new tab)), a Section 508 Trusted Tester(Opens external link in new tab) and a certified Design Sprint Facilitator(Opens external link in new tab).

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